Returns and Shipping

Our "Valued Many Minds Customer":

We are extremely grateful for our customers.
Our #1 Goal is to ensure your utmost satisfaction.  In that, the Part ordered is indeed the item you receive.
Your positive feedback upon receiving your order; is what we desire.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order;
please do reach us at:
Subject Line:   Valued Many Minds Customer
We can also be reached by phone: (709)579-0200 (for those living in Canada)

We would always like to be given the chance to correct any issue you may be having.

Inquiring about any possible issue can be done before leaving any feedback on your received order. 
We would like the "Time to Rectify" any concern you may have.  It would be greatly appreciated.

You can look at 1-2 day “Response Rate” upon receiving your inquiry.

Our Usual Delivery Time is 3-5 days. 

Upon the rare chance; delivery time may take up to 2 weeks; please be patient with us as your satisfaction is our goal.
For those items, that specifically state at the end of the description line, that it will take longer than 3-5 days; please mark this off in your calendar as a reminder.
(I really wanted to provide a much more extensive variety,
with a less costly price by offering a different delivery system.)

We do hope you will revisit "Many Minds" as our product line does change regularly/weekly.

((If there is an PART that you would like to see included; drop us a line.
  You can reach us at:
  Subject Line:   Valued Many Minds Customer
  We can also be reached by phone: (709)579-0200 (for those living in Canada)))

With the kindest of regards;

Bernadette Waugh

Return and Shipping Details:

A Order number with a Tracking Number will be given. 
When the Tracking Number indicates that you have “Received” your item;
you will have 30 days to contact us with any issue you may have.
As I do know that issues can happen within our delivery systems;
we are very lenient in the returns or exchanges we offer.

There are, however, items that we do not offer a refund policy for such as:
     Parts Collections:
            Belts, Electrical Parts, Engine Parts, Carburetor Kits,
            Cables that have been installed, Gaskets, 
            Water Filters, Fuses, Garage Door Sensor Eyes, 
            and other parts accordingly to specific situations.
     Our Land Our Home Collection:
     Intimates and Undergarments we do not offer a refund for. 
          (It is important to see the sizing chart regarding these items.)
     Pet Items that have been used and could reach potential contamination
          if given to another customer.
     Packaging that has been lost.  We do require the original packaging.
     Physiotherapy, Earrings, Nail Polish, Fishing Lure items
          that have not been received “Defected”.
     Bags – (Travel, Book bags, Purse, Sport, Laptop, Business), Clothing
          with wear and tear.
     Downloadable Software Packages, opened CD, DVD, Video Game,
          are non-refundable.
     Books, where the binding has been broken, are non-refundable.

We require your original “Email Address” provided. 
Upon “Verification” of your email; we will start the RETURN or EXCHANGE process.

A “Return Address” will be given to you. 
We will accommodate for the “Shipping Costs”.
This cost will be added to the amount returned back to your account. 
Our return cost purchases are done through PayPal and/or Email Transfer within your “Original Email Address” given.  If living within the St. John's, NL area, other forms of return payments may be made available.

Once your “Returned Item” has been received and inspected; an “Email Notification” will be sent out to you.

Exchange Details:

If our “Valued Many Minds Customer" requests an exchange. 
This can be discussed via “Original Email”.
Shipping costs will be covered by us
but the cost of Shipping will not be included in any refund costs.
An “Up-to-Date” Shipping Address will be requested.
A New Order Number and Tracking Number will be sent via “Original Email”.
We would ask that the “Buyer” send us a “Verification Upon Receipt of Exchanged Item” email back to us.
An email will be sent to the “Buyer” upon their Satisfaction of the Exchanged Item.
If living in the St. John's, NL area you may avoid posting your returned part/item as for future discussion.

Gift Details:

Upon the chance that your part/item was received as a GIFT from one of our “Valued Many Minds Customer”; upon verifying the “Original Email”,
a New Email can be given for the return costs to a New PayPal Account
and/or New Email Transfer.