A Dynamic Newfoundland Author With Expressive Creative Works From Local Content - 1st Book: THE STORY OF MARGARET - DARLENE BARRY

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A new Newfoundland author of Women's Contemporary Short Stories.
My first book is called "The Story of Margaret: and the second is called "Moonbeam" and is a follow-up to Book 1 but can stand alone if read first.    
I would love for fellow Newfoundlanders and beyond to experience the
journey together.
I look forward to hearing from my fans.
Darlene Barry


For eighty-year-old Margaret Blanchard, Pleasant Cove, NL is her own little spot of heaven. That is, until her granddaughter Lacy, a freelance writer, takes a job in Inner Harbour where Margaret grew up. Margaret has a secret that she has never told a living soul, not even her husband of sixty-two years or her best friend since childhood, Mallory Johnson. Now Margaret has to break the promise she made to her granddaughter the day she was born. She has to lie to Lacy to protect the secret. But some secrets can't stay hidden forever, and some secrets just won't die.

Couldn't put it down! - reader
Just started reading the book tonight. Just finished chapter 4. I'm so engrossed with it and don't want to put it down!  Great job! Can't wait to start reading it again tomorrow.
Very interesting read - Beverly Young
Amazing story with a Newfoundland setting by a Newfoundland author. I haven't read a book in a long time because I lose interest really fast- not one to sit down long enough to read a book. This book was so interesting I had trouble putting it down. I hope the next book by this author is out soon!
An amazing piece of art! - reader
Wow..this book could actually be a great opening for a successful Netflix series! Filled with imagination and suspense, love and drama...and little twists and turns that makes you want more...An amazing piece of art...this author has really got it, way to go Darlene Barry!
Can't wait to read the follow up! - reader
I was "saving" this book as a Long Weekend treat. I was not disappointed! Can't wait to read the follow up.